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About Finance Dragon

Finance Dragon is an Indian financial information website, with the ultimate aim of helping you take care of one thing – to own your money.

We currently offer information on four types of loans from Indian banks, on children’s savings accounts. And we offer guides and personal finance programmes:

Education Loans

Consolidation Loans

Business Loans

Savings Accounts

Guides on Education Loans

Evolution U Personal Dev. Programme

Our Story

How this Website Came Into Existence Due to a Problem

Some while ago, we wanted to find some information on a loan.

And like everyone else, we decided to use the internet. After all, it has all the information one needs, right?

Apparently not.

After spending some decent time online (2½ days to be precise) looking for the details, we realised we haven’t made much progress.

Information on loans was scattered, the details given by banks were strangely non-comprehensive, and the websites of loan aggregators had more keywords to rank high in online searches than relevant information.

Bank branches were not very informed on the basics and wanted us to fill an application form first. Everybody has sales targets, it seems.

In other words, there was nowhere we could get reliable information.

Considering that we specialise in finance, we wondered if we faced such a problem despite being well-versed in the field, what about other people – those who had no idea of finance, those who were in a hurry, those who needed quick information?

There was no one place they could get clear information.  

And so the idea of this website flashed bright one lazy afternoon and slowly germinated.

The Website Now

This website is in a way in beta stage. We are still adding information and we hope to make it easier to use and more user-friendly over time.

If you see anything that you think will help improve the user experience, please let us know. You can mail your insights to [email protected].

There are a lot of things we need to do and we are getting to them by and by.

We have decided to keep the website very simple and give concise to-the-point information. So, it is easier for you to get the information you need, without getting side-tracked.

We have provided some pop-ups for certain guides and programmes we offer. These are meant to help you become savvier when it comes to finances and so we thought this was necessary. The reason we put these pop-ups is to achieve our goal – to help 1,000 people build a corpus on Rs. 1 crore each within 12-15 years.

An Intro. to Our Brand Name

There are two reasons why we chose our brand name.

One, so you remember the name.

You are getting tonnes of information every day and you need to remember us the next time you need any information on loans. Finance Dragon is a better name for that, don’t you agree?

And if you like what we offer, it will be amazing if you can refer us to your family, friends and acquaintances.

Also, do let us know how to make the website better if you don’t like something.

Reason number 2

Mythology from around the world talks of the Dragon as a Guardian of Treasure.

Someone not to be messed with.

Someone who protects her wealth.

When it comes to personal finance and wealth, we Indians rank very low in personal wealth. This can only be reversed if we become dragons to safeguard and grow our money.

Enough of poverty numbers and helplessness.

Enough of being taken for a ride – time and time and time again.

It is time for us regular Indians – the silent suffering majority – to change our equation with money.

It is time for us to understand money for what it is – a tool that is ours to use as we see fit.

It is time to get smart about money.

It is time to own our money.

It is time to be a Finance Dragon.