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Education Loans

Get information on education loans and apply for international education loans

Indian banks have done exemplary service over the years in education loans.

However, times have changed and students now need better and more proactive financial support for their education.

Get information on what the public and private sector banks offer.

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Consolidation Loans

Consolidate all your loans into one and repay them easily with consolidation loans

Indian banks do not offer loans specifically for debt repayment.

But they offer different types of personal loans that you can use to reduce your debt.

Get information on what you can get from public, private sector and small finance banks. Choose the loans that make sense.

Repay the credit cards and smaller debt first and then go for the larger ones. Secured loans are better for repaying other loans as they have lower interest rates.

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Business Loans

Business loans from public, private, small finance and international banks in India

Business loans are offered to established medium or large businesses. These borrowers do not typically fall in the category of startups or micro and small enterprises.

These loans help larger businesses fund their operational, expansion or diversification initiatives.

All banks in India – Indian and international – offer these loans.

Get the information you need on business loans from public, private sector, small finance and international banks.

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MSME Loans

All information you need on loans for micro, small and medium businesses

MSME loans have changed the business landscape in India over the last few years.

Originally called small business loans, the push to the MSME sector from government initiatives in the last 10-15 years has seen a rebranding of these loans as MSME loans by banks.

These loans are offered by all banks and by fintech players who offer these loans either on their own or under a co-lending model.

We bring you the info you need on the MSME loans offered by Indian banks. You can also easily apply for an MSME loan from our partners.

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