Want to Get Your Children Started on the Road to Financial Freedom?

Yes? Then, a Children’s Savings Account is What Your Need

But you have a range of Minor Savings Account options to choose from. Use this site to find which bank offers the best kid’s savings account for your child

Children’s Savings Account

Choose the Right One to Ensure Your Child Grows Up Financially Aware

Children’s Savings Accounts

A children’s savings account – also called a minor savings account or a kid’s savings account – is a special type of savings account meant for children to manage small sums of money and grow up financially intelligent. The accounts are usually available for all children up to 18 years of age. The minimum age varies from a day- or month-old baby to 10 years or more.

Most banks in India offer dedicated Children’s Savings Accounts. Those that do not offer their standard savings accounts for children, usually as joint accounts with a parent or guardian. We look at what’s offered by the nationalised banks, private sector banks, the newer small finance banks and foreign banks.

Public Sector Banks (Nationalised Banks)

Private Sector Banks

Small Finance Banks

Foreign Banks