Need a Loan Against Property?

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You get the funds for longer tenures and at low interest for large personal and business expenses

Loan Against Property

Getting a Loan Against Property Has Never Been So Easy – Apply Online

Loan Against Property

Our free loan against property online application allows you to get approval from the comfort of your home. All we need to process your application are your details and soft copies of your KYC and income proof documents. You can use the funds for any large expenses including personal and business needs.

A Loan Against Property is the longest tenure loan offered by banks to take care of any personal or business needs. You can get loans for up to 15-20 years so you can easily pay the EMI. The interest rates are low, making them the perfect choice for you to leverage the value of your property to take care of your financial requirements.

The interest rates on these loans range from 8%-12% on average and you can get up to 60% of your property value. One of the best things about these loans is that an existing home loan does not prevent you from getting one. For example, if your property value is Rs 50 lakh and your pending home loan is Rs 20 lakh, you can still get a loan against property against the unencumbered property value of Rs 30 lakh (i.e. Rs 50 minus Rs 20 lakh).

Loan Against Property – General Details

Amount: You can get a loan against property of upto 60% of your property value. The percentage varies from bank to bank. The amount of loan you get usually depends on your income as the banks check whether the EMI will be less than say 50%-60% of your net monthly income.

Interest Rate: The interest rates on these loans are one of the lowest among secured loans and range around 8%-12% if you have a good credit score. The rate is higher for those with lower credit scores due to their riskier credit profile.

Tenure: A loan against property comes with the longest tenures among secured loans that do not have a specific purpose. You can get a loan for upto 15-20 years. Longer tenures give you a lower EMI but a higher interest burden. The reverse is true if you choose a longer tenure. As a rule of thumb, an interest rate of around 8% for a 15-year tenure gives you an EMI amount of Rs 1,000 for every lakh of loan.

Age: The borrower should be over 21 years and earning. The upper age limit is around 60 years in most cases though some banks may allow pensioners to apply if they can show a regular income with surplus balance left over in the account each month. Banks usually ask they the loan be repaid before the applicant reaches the age of 70 years.

Minimum Income Requirement: You need to have an income of at least Rs 3 lakh per annum to get a loan against property.

Maximum Loan Allowable: Some banks give loans up to Rs 7.5 crore while others usually have an upper limit of around Rs 1 crore.

Work Tenure Eligibility Criteria: For salaried it is 3 years and for self-employed, it is 5 years, under usual circumstances. Banks check whether you file your taxes.

Documents Needed: Copies of the following documents are usually needed for home loan applications

  • Passport Size Colour Photo
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Driving License or Voter ID Card
  • Bank Statement for 6 Months
  • Salary Slips for Last 3 Months, or Form 16
  • GST Certificate / Shop License for Business Owners

Paperless Loan Against Property Online

You can apply for a loan against property online through our paperless application process. You will have to submit the documents we have mentioned above. After you have applied, we check and forward your application to the bank.

Once the bank or financial institution gives in-principle approval for your loan, they will ask you to visit the branch nearest to you that is authorised to keep your papers. You will have to sign a few documents to safeguard your and the bank’s interests. Once you have completed the paperwork and gotten the receipt for your papers, the bank will release the funds to you usually as a draft.

You may apply for your loan against property right now from the comfort of your home or office through our completely online application form. For the documents, all we need are soft copies. You only have to visit the branch to sign the papers and deposit your property papers once you have gotten approval.

Paperless Loan Against Property – Additional Criteria for Loan Approval

Since you can apply for these loans completely online and get approval, certain other requirements have to be met:

  • How Salary Credited: You should receive your salary directly in your savings or salary account via online transfer and not by cheque or cash
  • Net Banking Mandatory: You should have your internet banking facility active for that account

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