Insure, then Invest

Insurance should be the first investment you make.

Unfortunately, in India, insurance is seen as an investment avenue rather than a way to remove all risks from one’s life.

There are two insurance policies that should be mandatory for everyone: health and term insurance.

We bring you health and term insurance as well as other life and general insurance options to negate any risks in your personal and professional life.

Intro to Insurance

Details of different insurance options that you can avail and protect yourself against risks

Insurance comes in two types: Life and General.

And within each type are different sub-types of insurance that protect you against various types of risk

In addition to helping you get the insurance you need for your personal life or your business, we introduce you to different types of insurance.

Intro to Insurance

Life Insurance

General Insurance

Insurance Policies

Term Insurance

Health Insurance

Endowment Plans

Money-Back Plans

Unit Linked Plans

Car Insurance

Travel Insurance

Business Insurance

Why You Need Insurance

A family needs min. ₹30-40k for monthly expenses. Unexpected health issues can magnify this beyond imagination

Nowadays, a simple medical treatment costs ₹10-15 thousand while basic surgery can cost ₹1.5-5 lakh. Not to mention medicines and other life expenses.

This is why you need insurance: ₹3-7 thousand saves lakhs.

We bring you sensible custom insurance for your personal and business needs.

Get a free quote and understand the offer before you decide.