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Bandhan Bank Education Loan

Bandhan Bank is a Kolkata-based private sector bank in India. They offer a wide range of loan products aimed at providing financial support to their customers in times of need. As of Novemberer 2020, Bandhan Bank offers one micro loan for education loan to students, namely Bandhan Bank Susikhsha Loan.

Bandhan Bank Susikhsha Micro Loan

This Bandhan Bank microloan helps parents finance their child’s education and ensure a bright future for them. The maximum loan amount you can get is Rs. 10,000. Let’s look at its different features:

Features of Bandhan Bank Micro Loan for Education

Why this Loan?

  • It is a microloan meaning it helps pay for smaller fees and charges in institutions like Government schools and colleges. The minimum loan amount for this loan is Rs. 1,000 and the maximum loan amount for this loan is Rs. 10,000
  • This Bandhan Bank Education loan is disbursed timely during its tenure
  • The maximum tenure for this loan is 1 year
  • The loan is disbursed through the savings bank account opened with the bank

Loan Amount

  • The minimum loan amount financed in this loan is Rs. 1,000 and the maximum loan amount is Rs. 10,000


  • As of November 2020, the effective interest rate for this loan is 9.95%. Please check with the bank for more details

Other Features to Know

  • The bank offers a simplified application procedure and doorstep documentation and delivery services. Biometric authentication can also be completed at home
  • The bank promises fast processing and timely disbursement of the loan into the Savings Account of the borrower opened with the bank
  • For repayment of the loan, the applicant can set up Standing Instructions through their Bandhan Bank Account (Savings)

Note: As of November 2020, these are all the details available about the Bandhan Bank Education Loans. Please with the bank for more details or check out the Bandhan Bank website.

Reference Facts:

  • Bandhan Bank Website: www.bandhanbank.com and bandhanbankonline.com (net banking)
  • Headquarters: Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Call Centre Toll-Free Number: 1800 258 8181

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