ICICI Bank Education Loans

Education Loans from ICICI Bank

One of the largest private banks in India, ICICI Bank offers a wide range of financial products to different segments of its customers. These loans are aimed at providing financial support to customers for different purposes such as purchasing a house, arranging for a child’s wedding, pursuing higher education for themselves or their children, etc. As of November 2020, ICICI Bank offers one education loan to help deserving students get the financial support they need to pursue higher education.

The education loan scheme from ICICI Bank:

  1. ICICI Bank iSMART Education Loan (for Higher Studies in India and Abroad)

As of November 2020, the bank does not offer any of the Government of India Interest Subsidy Schemes on education loans. We will keep updating this page on a regular basis to show any new education loan schemes or interest subsidies if they are offered by the bank.

We give you a brief intro to education loans offered by the bank below. In addition, you have the option to click further and read in detail about the loan on a specific page of its own. This specific page has been made specifically for you to get all the information you need on that loan in an uncluttered and easy-to-read format.

ICICI Bank iSMART Education Loan for Higher Studies in India and Abroad

This ICICI Bank study loan helps students finance their education and realise their dreams of pursuing higher education at recognised educational institutions in India or abroad. The maximum loan amount you can get is Rs. 50 lakh for studying India and Rs. 1 crore for studying abroad. Let’s look at its different features:

Features of ICICI Bank iSMART Education Loan

Why this Loan?

  • The ICICI Bank iSMART Education Loan is meant to help students who have secured admission into a higher education course in a recognised institution in India or abroad through Entrance Test or Merit-based Selection Process
  • You can get collateral-free loans of loan amount up to Rs. 20 lakh for Undergraduate courses and Rs. 40 lakh for Postgraduate programme
  • This loan is disbursed as a series of payments over the required number of years and not as a lump sum. The loan can be availed for all expenses directly related to the course including for fees, purchase of books, laptops, hostel fees, lab fees, examination fees, etc.
  • The bank offers an Insta Education Loan option, which is a pre-approved education loan offer for ICICI Bank customers against fixed deposits of at least Rs. 10 lakh kept by them with the bank

Reference Facts:

  • ICICI Bank Website: www.icicibank.com
  • Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Call Centre Toll-Free Number: 1860 125 7777